Seiko Watches: Always One Step Ahead.

Seiko is the leader in state-of-the-art Quartz technology and is popular worldwide for its style, innovation and affordable prices. This company is one of the few wristwatch manufacturers that produces all of their watches and timepieces entirely themselves. Even very small items, such as the lubricating oil or the luminous compounds used on the hands, are produced in their own factories. Thus, the quality of the product is guaranteed and under their own control.

Ormoda has a large selection of Seiko watches, from regular watches to Seiko digital watches and Seiko automatic diver watches. Seiko as a brand is known for its style and technology. Their watches are made to fit into people's daily lives, to function reliably and also be extremely attractive at the same time. These watches come in numerous classic and new designs and fit easily into anyone's lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete, a businessman or just need a watch for casual wear, there is always a suitable model waiting for you at

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  1. -41%
    Seiko® Analogue Women's Watch SUR386P1 #1
  2. -41%
    Seiko® Analogue Women's Watch SUR382P1 #1
  3. -41%
    Seiko® Analogue Women's Watch SKK881P1 #1
  4. -41%
    Seiko® Analogue Women's Watch SXB436P1 #1
  5. -41%
    Seiko® Analogue Women's Watch SUP448P1 #1
  6. -41%
    Seiko® Analogue Women's Watch SUR338P1 #1
  7. -41%
    Seiko® Chronograph Women's Watch SNDV41P1 #1
  8. -36%
    Seiko® Analogue Women's Watch SUP447P1 #1
  9. -37%
    Seiko® Analogue Women's Watch SRZ515P1 #1
  10. -57%
    Seiko® Analogue Men's Watch SUR263P1 #1
  11. -41%
    Seiko® Multi Dial Women's Watch SKY663P1 #1
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    Seiko® Analogue 'Premier' Men's Watch SKP400P1 #1
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    Seiko® Analogue 'Premier' Men's Watch SKP398P1 #1
  14. -39%
    Seiko® Analogue Women's Watch SRZ482P1 #1
  15. -31%
    Seiko® Chronograph 'Macchina Sportiva' Men's Watch SNAF85P1 #1
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    Seiko® Analogue Men's Watch SGEH92P1 #1
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    Seiko® Analogue Men's Watch SGEH79P1 #1
  18. -38%
    Seiko® Analogue Men's Watch SGEH70P1 #1