Ice Watch

Ice Watch

Ice Watch

Ice Watch: Change. You Can.

Breathe some fresh air with the Ice Watch collection presented to you by Ormoda. Ice Watch created a strong and refreshing identity for itself with a wink to luxury, enthusiasm and a sporty spirit. Every model meets the latest fashion trends and brings a refreshing change. 

Ice-Watch is a Belgian brand that has become very popular with their multicolored silicone watches with remarkable, stylish designs that are as cool as ice. Whether it's the Ice Watch mens or Ice Watch women's, they are incredibly cool to look at!

Every Ice Watch is a trendy eye-catcher. With any model for men or ladies, you are wearing a unique concept on your wrist. The watches are iconic because of their simple stylish designs. They are therefore instantly recognizable. Buy your cool watch online at Ormoda with a two-year warranty.

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  1. -27%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'ICE CHANGE RAINBOW' Unisex's Watch 016647 #1
  2. -27%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Ice Colour - Jungle' Women's Watch 017907 #1
  3. -34%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Ice Colour - Lotus' Women's Watch 017913 #1
  4. -27%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Ice Colour - Citrus' Women's Watch 017908 #1
  5. -27%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Ice Colour - Tango' Women's Watch 017910 #1
  6. -27%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Ice Colour - Lipstick' Women's Watch 017916 #1
  7. -31%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Ice Steel' Men's Watch 015769 #1
  8. -7%
    Ice Watch® Chronograph 'Ice Chrono - Blue Lime' Men's Watch (Large) 020617 #1
  9. -35%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Steel' Men's Watch (Large) 016032 #1
  10. -35%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Steel' Men's Watch (Medium) 016763 #1
  11. -35%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Steel' Men's Watch (Medium) 016768 #1
  12. -35%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Steel' Men's Watch (Medium) 016765 #1
  13. -35%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Steel' Men's Watch (Large) 016548 #1
  14. -36%
    Ice Watch® Analogue 'Ice Flower - White Chic' Women's Watch (Small) 019205 #1
  15. Ice Watch® Analogue 'Ice Solar Power - Casual Blue Red' Unisex's Watch (Medium) 020605 #1