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Missoni Watches: Luxury Italian Zigzag made in Switzerland

Missoni is an Italian luxury fashion house from Varese, known for its colorful knitted Zigzag designs. Although Missoni is not known for its watches, the Swiss-made Missoni watch is a symbol of pure luxury.

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Missoni Watches

Missoni is an Italian luxury fashion house from Varese, known for its colorful knitted designs. The company was founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. They quickly became hugely famous for their sophisticated knitwear and world-famous zigzag pattern. The fashion house's designs and patterns caught on so much that they began expanding into both Missoni home for Missoni pillows, plaids or towels and Missoni M for accessories. Although Missoni is not known for its watches, the Swiss-made Missoni watch is a symbol of pure luxury. Not only the high-quality workmanship and exclusive design but also the quality is amazing. Quartz movement, sapphire crystal and various silver or gold stainless steel versions make these watches exquisite. Missoni watches also feature rain and splash resistance.  

Missonis History

The company was founded in 1953 in Gallarate, Italy. Ottavio and Rosita Missoni established a small knitting workshop here. They presented their first Missoni collection in Milan in 1958. The company flourished with the support of writer Anna Piaggi who worked at Arianna magazine. Rosita did several collaborations that caused Missoni's popularity to grow tremendously. In New York in 1965 she met a French stylist which led to a collaboration and a new collection the following year. In April 1967 they were invited to a show in Florence. In 1969 a new factory was built in Sumirago. Missoni designs were promoted in the U.S. by American Vogue and a Missoni boutique was opened in Bloomingdales. Missoni reached the peak of its enormous growth in the fashion world in the early 1970s. When the founders lost interest in fashion they passed Missoni on to their children. Rosita and Ottavio continued with other Missoni labels such as Missoni home and Missoni M. They developed costumes, rugs, pillows, perfume, Missoni wallpaper and Missoni plaids. The Missoni fabric and Missoni print became very popular again. M Missoni continues to grow, always coming up with new concepts like Missoni Sport.

Missoni watches for men

The Missoni watch for men is available in different designs and styles. The watches are available as analog watches. Each watch brings exclusivity to each individual. The world famous pattern is subtly incorporated into the stainless steel band or color themed on the dial. A men's Missoni watch is the perfect accessory for a stylish look. The Missoni pattern that is frequently and subtly incorporated into the timepieces can be perfectly combined with the fashion and clothing of the Italian fashion house. A watch by Missoni does not only match the clothing line but can also go very well with the fruity Missoni perfume. Do you like wearing the Missoni pour Homme and want a watch that gives the same look? Feel free to take a look at the extensive men's collection at Ormoda's online store. The minimalist yet luxurious look of the watches completes any outfit in a subtle way. This makes the Swiss-made watch very appropriate for a business look. It is also an excellent accessory to complement your casual outfit. A Missoni watch mens compliments your outfit and style in an elegant yet luxurious way.

Missoni watches for women

Missoni has always been popular in the female fashion world. Missoni has made far more women's fashion than men's fashion. So this fashion house knows very well how to combine elegance and prominence in a design. Missoni offers beautiful women's watches with subtle incorporation of the well-known patterns and Missoni letters. Missoni uses sophisticated color combinations for a very chic look to the watches. The class of the Italian fashion house is translated into the precision and detailing of the timepieces. For example, the minute hand is shaped in the Missoni zigzag pattern. Ormoda has collected the most beautiful watches from the women's collection. The color combinations of the Missoni women's watches are classic and therefore wearable with any outfit. The women's watches are available in gold or rose-colored stainless steel versions. The analog watches give a classic and elegant image which can be combined with any style of clothing. The elegance is great to combine with the fruity and floral Missoni cologne. The patterns on the watches can go beautifully with Missoni's colorful clothing line. Check out the amazing selection of Missoni watches on Ormoda.

Missoni Apple watch straps

Are you a fan of smartwatches and apple watches? Missoni has a lot to offer you. Missoni combines its high-quality designer fashion with the advanced techniques of the Apple smartwatch. Replace your boring Apple watch straps with designer straps of the highest quality with Missoni prints and logos. Make your Apple watch stand out among all the normal smartwatches. The collection consists of straps of different materials, colors and styles. Ormoda offers the straps in leather, metal or fabric. You can choose between a colorful variant, a subtle pattern or the signature Missoni letters. Because of Missoni's extensive range, there is something for everyone. View the entire range of Missoni Apple watch straps in Ormoda's webshop.

Missoni at Ormoda

Are you looking for a stylish, classic and elegant watch that enhances your outfit? Then Ormoda has a lot to offer you. Ormoda offers the best Missoni assortment for men and women. The watches are a perfect combination with the Missoni perfumes or clothing lines of the Italian fashion house. This accessory exudes elegance and class in a subtle way. If you choose a Missoni watch, it is guaranteed to catch the eye of many. In addition, it is a good choice because all the timepieces feature a timeless design. Thus, the watch can be worn on any occasion and at any time.

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