Guess Watches: Live Your Style

Guess watches offers women's watches and men's watches in bold, elegant and also beautiful designs showing close attention to detail. If you live your style, you will find a suitable wrist accessory here. If you are still looking for a cheerful eye-catcher, you can't ignore the trendy Guess watches.

Once you get yourself a Guess watch online at Ormoda you will get 2 years of warranty. 

Products are shipped through UPS Express and delivery in the EU will take 1-3 days. Unhappy with your product? Return it within 30 days at no cost. If you have any questions about our products or your order, please contact our expert customer service.

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  1. -36%
    Guess® Analogue 'Aura' Women's Watch GW0047L1 #1
  2. -36%
    Guess® Analogue 'Aura' Women's Watch GW0117L1 #1
  3. -35%
    Guess® Multi Dial 'BOLT' Men's Watch W1302G2 #1
  4. -35%
    Guess® Analogue 'CAMBRIDGE' Men's Watch W1075G1 #1
  5. -35%
    Guess® Multi Dial 'Hendrix' Men's Watch W1309G2 #1
  6. -36%
    Guess® Analogue 'Imprint' Men's Watch GW0049G1 #1
  7. -35%
    Guess® Analogue 'Bauble' Women's Watch GW0102L1 #1
  8. -36%
    Guess® Multi Dial 'Raven' Women's Watch GW0104L2 #1
  9. -36%
    Guess® Analogue 'Outlaw' Men's Watch GW0201G1 #1
  10. -29%
    Guess® Analogue 'Originals' Women's Watch V1040M4 #1
  11. -36%
    Guess® Multi Dial 'Hendrix' Men's Watch GW0066G1 #1
  12. -35%
    Guess® Multi Dial 'Raven' Women's Watch GW0104L1 #1
  13. -36%
    Guess® Analogue 'Imprint' Men's Watch GW0049G2 #1
  14. -36%
    Guess® Analogue 'Supernova' Men's Watch W1315G2 #1
  15. -35%
    Guess® Analogue 'Smooch' Women's Watch W1206L1 #1