Citizen watches: Purposeful, Powerful, and Sustainable.

The Citizen watch company has been synonymous with technical precision, high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding design for over a century. Whether you’re looking for a present to give on a special occasion, or just for a new addition to your wardrobe: Citizen has exactly the right thing for you, and more. This brand sells both sturdy men’s watches as well as enchanting women’s watches. 

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Citizen watches

The Citizen watch company has been synonymous with technical precision, high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding design. Even to this day, this brand keeps on making timepieces that are modern and durable, well-suited for an active lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a present to give on a special occasion, or just for a new addition to your wardrobe: Citizen has exactly the right thing for you, and more. This brand sells both sturdy men’s watches as well as enchanting women’s watches. 

This brand’s watches are powered by Eco-Drive technology. Citizen watches use Eco-Drive to recharge using any kind of light source in a continuous and sustainable way. Furthermore, in an attempt to make Citizen completely carbon neutral in 2050, one percent of all online sales is donated to “1% For The Planet”.

Citizen Promaster is for adventurers

The Promaster Citizen watch collection is perfect for all kinds of adventurers. From scuba diving to week-long hiking trails, these timepieces are the ultimate buddy to take along on your exciting adventures. These sports watches can perform in the air, on land and at sea, while always offering a high level of functionality and sustainability. 

As an all-round manufacturer, Citizen has always played a leading role in the innovation of new technologies, while continuously producing watches of the highest quality. For example, the introduction of ultra-thin LCD-watches is on their name. Another one of their achievements is the launch of the first diving watch with an electronic depth gauge: the Citizen Promaster Aqualand. It doesn’t stop there either; Citizen also produced the world’s first watch that makes use of satellites to ensure exact time precision. 

Are you looking for a diving watch? Then you’ll barely be able to avoid the Citizen Promaster series at all. Their diving watches are both popular among professionals, as well as among recreational divers. All their diving watches are designed to be functional, safe, and durable to dive with.

Citizen watches are high-tech

If technology is your cup of tea, then you’ll be more than happy with a Citizen watch. This extensive watch collection will offer the most amazing style and quality. With the Super Titanium model, you’ll also get some extra durability. 

The PCAT models come with atomic timekeeping and are perfect for world travelers wanting to ensure they have the correct time on their hands. Or if you’re planning to explore the depths of the ocean, then the GPS Satellite Wave diving watch is exactly what you’re looking for. If you want something unique, then you might be interested in the Titanium Armor: this refined and sleek Citizen watch is the perfect weekend accessory. 

Citizen watches are well-known for producing the most refined and accurate watches on the entire market. This watchmaker has always been proactive in pioneering the newest groundbreaking technologies and help make watches an indispensable part of our lives. 

It is not without reason that this brand built itself a name for cutting-edge technologies with regards to performance, sturdiness, safety, and durability. To this day, this company is hard at work developing the newest technologies such as Eco-Drive, Super Titanium, Radio Controlled, Satellite Wave GPS and more. These advanced technologies are integrated into their newest models. To give you a general idea, we will briefly summarize their key technologies, which you will undoubtedly come across while shopping for a Citizen watch at Ormoda. 

Eco-Drive technology

Eco-Drive is a technology that takes light and turns it into energy. It works with sunlight, but also with lamps and moonlight. This energy is fed into the internal timekeeping system of the watch, as well as its rechargeable battery. A fully charged battery is enough to continue operation in complete darkness for six months. As a result, replacing batteries is a thing of the past. Eco-Drive technology ensures your watch will always work.

Super Titanium

Titanium is light, skin-friendly, and rust-resistant. At the same time, it is so hard that it is extremely difficult to work with. Super Titanium was created using Duratect, Citizen’s surface-hardening technology. This innovative material is 5x harder and 40% lighter than stainless steel.

Diamond Like Carbon

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) is a cold plasma coating technique that creates hardness, scratch-resistance, and smoothness. Its most notable property is the luxurious, dark gray color it creates.

Satellite Wave GPS

Satellite Wave GPS is used to receive GPS-positions and a time signal from GPS satellites. This data is used to correct the watch’s date and time automatically. Satellite Wave GPS only needs 3 seconds to receive and update the correct time.

Radio Controlled functionality

Radio controlled is a transmitter-controlled technology which allows you to receive a constant and accurate time display on an atomic clock. This radio-controlled functionality operates in specifically designated time zones.

Citizen watches for men and women

The manufacturer offers Citizen watches for both men and women. One of their most attractive properties is that Citizen watch prices are super competitive. The brand offers watches of various pricing ranges for all their collections. Whether you’re looking for a diving watch or a classic women’s watch, this brand offers what you need. Because of this, you can choose any style of timepiece, without breaking the bank.

Citizen watches for men

Here at Ormoda, there is a huge selection of Citizen watches for men. The collection of designer watches has been held in high regard for a long time and offers a broad range of options for any man. The men’s collection of Citizen watches combines innovative design with numerous innovative functionalities. Because of the vastness of our assortment, you’re practically guaranteed to find a watch that suits your wishes and needs. Whether you’re looking for water resistance, or a citizen watch with leather band, we’ve got you covered. Buy a Citizen watch for men at, and enjoy our free shipping, 2 years of warranty and an exquisite men’s watch.

Women’s Citizen watches are versatile

Citizen’s designs for women are versatile and beautiful, making them the perfect accessory for any occasion. This brand offers a wide variety of watches for every taste and fashion style. Whether you’re more of a minimalist, or prefer glitz & glamour, Citizen has the right model for you. Even if you just want a watch for the utility of checking the time, Citizen has exactly what you need.

Take the Eco-Dive Axiom for ladies, a stunning and delicate women’s watch. This watch embodies every woman’s wish to combine functionality with stylishness & aesthetics. The watch is made of rose gold stainless steel. The 28mm case has a polished finish, which reinforces the high-end design of this timepiece. The rose gold clock hands contrast elegantly with the white dial. The watch band shines femininity into the room and almost resembles a lovely bracelet. The watch is powered by Eco-Drive. 

Where it all began

Citizen’s history reaches almost a hundred years back. In 1924 the Shokosha Watch Research Institute produced the first pocket watch. The mayor of Tokyo at the time, Mr. Shimpei Goto, called the watch “Citizen”. In doing so, he hoped that such luxury would be widely available to ordinary citizens all over the world. 

As time progressed, the Swiss Citizen watch company adopted this name as its own in 1930. In 1956, the watchmaker introduced the first shock resistant watch under the name Parashock. And in 1976 it launched the first watch that recharged using light with Eco-Drive technology. Today, Citizen is one of the biggest watch manufacturers in the world.