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Dive watch

Dive watches originated in the diving world as essential equipment. Over 50 years ago it was the only practical way to keep track of dive time during a diving session. Even though dive computers are the norm these days, these watches are still a beautiful symbol worn by divers as a showpiece. Modern dive watches are often equipped with various functions and high-end technology as well. Dive watches differ from sports watches with their extreme water resistance of at least 100 meters in depth. In addition, a dive watch is always equipped with a timer. Such a timer occurs as a bezel on analogue watches or a stopwatch on digital watches so that the dive time is always immediately in sight. A digital diving watch with depth gauge is also something that is popular, so that it is easy to keep track of the current depth. So these watches can be used professionally or purely aesthetically and symbolize the ruggedness and robustness of extreme sports diving.

Ormoda’s extensive collection

Check out Ormoda's carefully selected diving watches. The biggest names that stand for quality and style can be found in our webshop. Think of the Citizen dive watch, Seiko mens dive watch, G shock diving watch, and the Tissot dive watch. The best dive watches can be found at Ormoda.com. Although many immediately think of a men's diving watch, there are also very elegant and tough women's diving watches on the market. The sporty watches often combine well with casual outfits or sporty outfits. The beauty of a high-quality diving watch is that its versatility of the watch allows the use of different functions throughout the day. Additional functions besides a depth gauge or stopwatch are a thermometer, electronic compass or lighting to be easily readable even in low ambient light where some watches are self-winding or solar-powered. Find your Citizen eco drive dive watch for men or a Seiko dive watch for ladies at Ormoda for a solid quality and a competitive price. G shock dive watches are also highly recommended for the sporty individual who likes to go outdoors. Dive watches can be worn as a fashion statement but come with professional features that can be tested to the limit by athletes.

Advice from experts to help you choose

Because choosing the right watch is always going to be a complicated process, Ormoda offers professional advice to make your choice as easy as possible. Especially with diving watches with endless options and functions, you can use the help of our experts. Whether the sophisticated designs of Seiko appeal to you or the ruggedness of G shock and Casio, at Ormoda we have the perfect timepiece for everyone. Quickly dive into the webshop to admire our diverse collections. The well-known and high quality brands we offer guarantee the best quality. Added to that are the competitive prices of Ormoda for all sporty watches of the diving watch collection. Besides guaranteeing the best prices, we have a 30-day return policy, if you have second thoughts about your purchase.